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Murcia, Quality destination



Murcia, Destination of Quality


The Murcia Department of Employment, Tourism and Culture continues its commitment to the quality of its establishments and services with the implementation of SICTED (Integrated Quality Tourist Destination System), a project first launched in 2006.

The Quality Tourism Plan drives forward moves to improve the quality of all those who influence, directly or indirectly, the development of tourism, to ensure that Murcia grows ever stronger as a quality tourism destination. In addition, it promotes establishments and services once they have implemented a set of good practices have achieved the distinction of “Commitment to Quality Tourism”.



What is SICTED?


The goal of the Integrated Quality Tourist Destination System, a project developed by the Ministry of Tourism, is the permanent and comprehensive quality management of a tourist destination. The main aim is to achieve a uniform level of quality in the services offered to tourists, making this a differentiating factor in the tourist offering.

Objectives of SICTED


  •  Create a permanent structure of quality management and promotion at the destination.

  •  Apply common quality standards to all tourist companies and services and other standards specific to each subsector.

  • Recognise the efforts of participants by granting the distinction “Commitment to Quality Tourism”.


SICTED provides a boost to a city’s tourist development through the participation of all parties under a common framework.


Benefits of the implementation of SICTED for the establishment, entity or service:


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  •  Promote quality management.

  •  Improve client knowledge.

  •  Provide a Good Practice Guide.

  •  Improve knowledge within own sector.

  •  Increase customer perception of reliability of service.

  •  Provide a System of Recognition.

  •  Free assistance with implementation of the system.

  • And ultimately, participation in a nationwide project, promoted and supported by the State Administration, the FEMP, the autonomous communities, county councils and the municipalities, all working together to try and increase the satisfaction and ensure the loyalty of those who visit Spanish destinations.


Benefits of the implementation of SICTED for the destination:


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  •  Increase sector involvement in the destination’s objectives.

  •  Increase satisfaction of visitors and residents with services used.

  •  Increase perception of reliability of offering.

  •  Increase public and private coordination within the tourism sector.

  • Improve the destination’s standing with quality as the determining, competitive factor.



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If you are a tourist business or service, whether public or private, you can apply to participate at or contact the SICTED Management at:

Quality is everyone’s business, as it is valued by tourists worldwide.





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